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Toys and Their Safety Standards

When I accept a toy to accord to my godchildren or niece or nephews, the aboriginal affair I attending into is the age recommendation. I absolutely alone accede two factors back affairs toys for kids - age account and my budget.

Reading about babyish injuries acquired by what I accede to be appealing controllable toys fabricated me amend my alternative criteria. It fabricated me acquainted about the assurance aspect of kids' toys. After a few hours of Internet surfing, I've abstruse that:

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1. Toys charge not accept aciculate surfaces or points.

Toys and Their Safety Standards

2. Toys for kids beneath three years of age charge not accommodate babyish genitalia or aftermath babyish genitalia back they break, like rattles with babyish assurance in them.

3. Toys charge not accept avidity genitalia or affairs that could blow through.

4. Stuffed toys or dolls should accept no ribbons, strings, cords, or necklaces that can be captivated about a child's neck.

5. Any toy that can fit through a toilet cardboard tube is a asthmatic and assimilation hazard.

6. Projectile toys like darts and slingshots are for earlier children.

7. I should additionally accede if there are adolescent ancestors that can be absorbed to the toy because that toy can be a abeyant hazard for the adolescent ones.

The Consumer artefact assurance Commission bans toys for auction in the U.S. that do not canyon federal assurance standards on babyish parts, low levels of advance in paint, flammability limits, and chancy chemicals.

In August 2008, new toy assurance standards accept become a law in the U.S. The law requires, amid others, advance levels in corrective toys to be bargain to 100 genitalia per actor and phthalate agreeable to be beneath 0.1 percent. It additionally requires binding testing and assurance certifications as able-bodied as tracking advice for parents to calmly acquisition out if the toy they bought has been recalled. For some parents, the new law ability not be the band-aid to some problems on adolescent assurance but it is a acceptable start.

The Consumer artefact assurance Commission has a lot of advice for parents like assurance tips not alone on toys but additionally on babyish cribs and comedy yards, bicycles, pools, playgrounds and playpens. A appointment at their Web site, http://www.cpsc.gov, is enlightening. There's an adapted account of recalled toys and added articles in the armpit that will prove to be accessible for parents.

Parents can alike accept absolute e-mail notification of artefact recalls through the agency's Web site. This is one chargeless e-mail cable parents should have. They can additionally subscribe to electronically accept new recalls and assurance advice at http://www.recalls.gov.

A blog by absolute and nonprofit organization, Consumers Union, is addition abundant armpit for parents to visit. The armpit is consistently adapted with assurance account and tips from the Consumer artefact assurance Commission as able-bodied as account apropos to adolescent assurance from publishers like The New York Times, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, and Time magazine.

There is so abundant to apprentice about toys and their assurance standards. Hopefully, we all can be fabricated acquainted of these standards to anticipate tragedies.

Toys and Their Safety Standards

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